PPC Services in  Chennai

PPC is the most opted method for getting immediate leads and sales businesses. PPC is widely used for Google and next for Bing Ads because these two are the major platforms where large extent of searches were carried by users around the world. The process behind PPC seems to be a simple one but extensive research and analysis is required to corner the right campaign that gets expected results. GoRed Medias as a preferred PPC Company Chennai offers some exclusive PPC promotion services to its esteemed customers.

The system behind PPC Service works on a simple logic when peoples explore their requirements on search engines say Google Search and if any relevant business website link appears on the top of the search page instantly it invokes the users to link and enter. Every click the business gets leads and for every click google charges specific to keywords used in search.

Google Adwords is the tool to corner the best keywords for the campaign and to ascertain the keyword quality and cost factors per click. The entire setup of PPC campaigns has to be performed in this Adwords tool for Google, Bing Ads for Bing.

The amount to be paid is ascertained by various factors depending on market competition, target audience preferences, keyword quality, landing page quality and more. The ppc cost can range from single rupee to thousand rupees. PPC offers different types of adwords campaign methods that fits to business of diverse nature, Text Campaigns, Display Advertising, Shopping Advertisements, Email Campaigns, and Re-marketing Campaigns. Every Google advertising methods has its own significant procedures respect to generating leads.

Text Campaign

Text campaign includes promotion using just a website link, a small description and a short headline title. Text ads provides a clickable link to the website showing in green color, title in blue color and a small description normal below. Text Campaigns often appear in top of search engine pages or at the bottom of the pages depending on various factors like budget, bids, landing page factors and competition, labeled as boxed Ad in green color. As the text ad campaign is short and precise, the description has to be unique and the headline has to be powerful enough to make a user to click.

Gmail Ads

Email marketing remains one of the most efficient methods in marketing either for small or big businesses. Google has redefined this email marketing with Gmail Ads. Gmail’s email promotion technique is engaging in email marketing without email addresses of target audiences or users. Gmail Ads are most favored today due to its potential to reach nearly 1 billion viewers straight to their email addresses. Promoted Gmail ad campaign reaches only to targeted audiences, choice of customizing the ads is applicable, Email campaign approach works on PPC methodology applying re-marketing technique.

Display Advertisements

Display advertisements are proper for creating brand awareness online for the products or services. Display ads also called as banner ads, shown to target audiences when they are browsing online but not while searching for any of their requirements online. Whenever a customer comes online for surfing the display ads can reflect to him and further induce him to make a click and do some actions. Benefits from display ads can bring new customers, choose proper placement of the ads in website and with colorful banners attract users with appealing designs and formats.

Video Advertising

Everyday billions are hooked to YouTube for watching different types of videos using these potential displaying ads over the videos is really powerful to generate any business. Google displays ads in different formats over YouTube video website. The different types of ads include: Display Ads, Overlay Ads, Skip able video ads, bumper ads, sponsored cards. All types of ads are powerful sounds effective for any product promotion or creating brand awareness. Video advertisements help connect with large number of member base, able to reach target audiences, control to cost for advertisements, measure the performance of advertisements made.

Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns are possible in Google search through their dedicated Google Merchant Center enabling sellers to unleash their sales specific to keywords to the products searched. Google advanced merchant platform developed exclusively for retail merchants in order to support them to promote and sell their products online.  Shopping campaigning helps retail dealers to attract potential buyers and this tool is an ideal one for promoting eCommerce solutions. Apart from their efficiency they are also more affordable in today’s  high cost business environment

Why PPC?

As a preferred PPC company our expertise combined with rich analytical and conceptual ability helps us establish quality PPC services in Chennai which reflects:

  • Reaches Top of Google Instantly

  • Payment is Made Only for Clicks

  • Traffic is Targeted

  • Faster Measurable Results

  • Complete Control on Promotions

  • Generates Instant Leads